Whole House Water Filter Punta Gorda

It’s important to know that the clear liquid you use for various purposes may contain toxic substances depending on where you live. To ensure the safety and better taste of your drinking water, it’s advisable to install a whole house water filter.

You might think that buying bottled water is a more affordable and convenient solution than installing a water filtration system for home. However, purchasing bottled water over an extended period can be more expensive and have a more significant impact on the environment.

Municipal water undergoes filtration procedures before reaching your home, but some chemicals used in the cleaning process may still be present. The most common compounds found in municipal water are fluoride and chlorine. However, it may also contain trace amounts of other harmful substances such as arsenic, lead, mercury, hormones, nitrates, and pesticides.


A whole house water filter can solve these issues by providing clean, filtered water to every tap in your home. By removing these unhealthy chemicals, bacteria, metals, and other impurities, this filtration system ensures that the water you drink is safe and healthy for your well-being.

Here are some things you can expect from a water filtration system for home:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fewer fixes and maintenance on your appliances
  • Economical
  • Fresh and crisp clothes and dishes
  • Better water quality
  • No chlorine, better tasting water
  • And several others!

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Punta Gorda Water Filtration System For Home

Determining whether a whole house water filter is necessary requires testing both the water source and the water itself. The testing should cover various characteristics such as water chlorination levels, bacterial contamination, particle pollution, taste, and odor, regardless of whether the water source is from the municipal water system, a well, or another source. If the test result is negative for any of these factors, it is essential to install a water filtration system for home.

At this time and age, having a whole house water filter is one of the best investments you can make for your whole family. A water filtration system for home is a water filtration system that removes all impurities from water. Also known as a Point of Entry (PoE) system, it is typically installed before the water enters the storage tank. This ensures that every water outlet in your home, including the kitchen sink, washing machine, bathroom shower, and even the toilet, delivers filtered water.

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A whole house water filter used for drinking purposes is certified by NSF as per the different types of treatment options available. The products that have been certified by NSF have a mark and a number like NSF/ANSI 53 or NSF/ANSI 42, which indicates the standard they have been certified against. 

The manufacturers are responsible for determining the contaminants that their product will eliminate. NSF then confirms whether the filter will perform as promised. It is important to check both the standard name, such as NSF/ANSI 53 or NSF/ANSI 58, and a claim for specific pollutant reduction, such as lead, on the packaging. These standards enable manufacturers to certify their products to reduce a range of contaminants.

A water filtration system for home installation by a skilled plumber guarantees you and your family the least amount of disruption possible. Usually, the task is finished in one hour.

Having a competent whole house water filter installed can effectively eliminate a wide range of harmful contaminants from your home’s drinking water supply, such as lead, copper, mercury, radon, arsenic, pesticides, bacteria, parasites, chlorine, rust, and VOCs. In addition, you will notice a significant improvement in the taste and smell of the water.

Find The Best Whole Water Filter System in Punta Gorda

Earlier this year, the city of Punta Gorda released a notice for their people to boil water for drinking. A precautionary boil water notice has been issued for Tripoli Boulevard from Monaco Drive to the dead end near Paola Drive in Punta Gorda. City officials said a main break at Tripoli and St. Florent Court necessitated the precautionary notice. As a safety measure, for food or beverages that you wash or mix with water and for all water consumed directly:

Things like this do not only happen in Punta Gorda but in any city in the United States. No one is completely safe from the risk of contaminants in public water supply. To prevent anything like this from happening and risk all your loved ones healthy and safety, it would be best to invest in a whole house water filter.

A water filtration system for home will bring you the peace of mind no public water supply can do. There is no need to boil your water when you have a trusted filter that works great in eliminating not only sediments but bacteria and toxins that could be present in your water.