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Healthy Drinking Water in Massachusetts

SafeWell has been delivering drinking water protection solutions for over 8 years all over the state of Massachusetts, RI, and southern New Hampshire. We have a deep understanding of the intricacies of deep bedrock wells, gravel wells and the drinking water contaminants which may exist.

SafeWell has been an advocate for private well owners, and public water customers because of our deep bench of scientists, engineers, and certified water treatment technicians.

If you have questions about your drinking water, concerns about PFAS, or are buying a new home reach out to us, and we will take the time to inform you and empower you to make smart healthy water decisions.


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What They Say About Our Service

PFAS water testing

Lawrence Krakauer


We had a 2-stage 20-inch whole-house water filter installed. The estimator listened carefully to our objectives, and helped us determine what we needed. The installation was neatly laid out, and expertly done. The price was better than two other estimates we got. In fact, one of them was very substantially higher, yet it specified only 3/4 inch pipes instead of the 1 inch pipes SafeWell used. We are very happy with the results.

SafeWell Service Anywhere in MA, RI, and Southern NH

SafeWell is based on central Massachusetts, but we provide our home water testing and treatment services anywhere in the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Southern New Hampshire. No matter where you live in this area, we will come to you to ensure that your home has clean water coming out of the taps for drinking and cooking.

Aerial view of a coastal city skyline with skyscrapers in Boston MA

Boston Home Water Treatment Systems

In a bustling city where history meets innovation, there’s a silent guardian ensuring that every drop of water flowing through your taps is as pure as the historic Charles River is iconic. Trust your water to SafeWell, your premier home water treatment expert.

Aerial view of urban campus and cityscape in Worcester, MA

Home Well Water Services in Worcester MA

We understand the importance of clean water for our health, cooking, and overall well-being, but how often do we consider the journey our water takes before it reaches our faucets? At SafeWell, we believe every drop of water should be clean and safe as nature intended.

Aerial view of coastal cityscape in Plymouth Massachusetts

Plymouth Massachusetts Water Treatment Services

Plymouth, MA is a coastal town rich in history and natural beauty. Residents here deserve clean and clear water to ensure a high quality of life. SafeWell can help you obtain these goals with our state of the art filtration and treatment systems for your house.

Aerial view of Springfield, Massachusetts

Springfield MA Home Water Treatment & Testing

Are you a resident of Springfield, MA, concerned about the purity and safety of your home’s water supply? You’re not alone. With increasing pollution and aging infrastructure, ensuring clean water flows from every tap in your home has never been more important.

Coastal town of Martha's Vineyard MA - aerial view with colorful houses.

Home Well Water Services in Martha's Vineyard MA

Welcome to the tranquil shores of Martha’s Vineyard. In an era where environmental concerns are at the forefront of our minds, ensuring that our families enjoy the cleanest, safest water is more crucial than ever.

Aerial view of coastal town of Nantucket, MA with bridge and boats.

Nantucket MA Home Water Treatment Services

Here at SafeWell, we understand that the purity of the water in your Nantucket home is not just a luxury, but a necessity for the wellbeing of your family and the preservation of our treasured island environment.

Aerial view of coastal town of Provincetown MA with marina and beach.

Provincetown MA Home Water Treatment Systems

Welcome to the pristine shores of Provincetown, MA, where the Atlantic Ocean gifts us with its beauty and the promise of a tranquil coastal life. However, beneath the surface lies a concern that touches every household: the quality of our water.

Aerial view of coastal suburban neighborhood near water in Barnstable, MA

Home Well Testing & Treatment Services in Barnstable MA

Welcome to the serene coastal charm of Barnstable, MA, where the whispers of the Atlantic breeze blend with the quaint New England lifestyle. Amidst this picturesque setting, the purity of water in our homes is as crucial as the air we breathe.

Aerial view of coastal cityscape of Yarmouth, MA with beach and clear skies

Yarmouth Massachusetts Water Treatment Systems

Welcome to the world of crystal-clear water, right in the comfort of your Yarmouth home! In this bustling corner of Massachusetts, where the charm of coastal living meets the demands of modern life, there’s nothing more essential than the purity and safety of your water.

Aerial view of university campus with lush greenery in Pittsfield, MA

Pittsfield MA Home Water Testing & Treatment Services

Learn about SafeWell’s state-of-the-art water treatment solutions, explore the importance of regular maintenance, and reveal how these services can transform your home water experience in Pittsfield, MA. Let’s embark on a journey to cleaner, safer, and tastier water!

Aerial view of historic church among city buildings in Northampton, MA

Home Water Quality Testing & Treatment in Northampton MA

Join us as we dive into the depths of home water treatment systems in Northampton, MA and the unparalleled maintenance services provided by SafeWell, where the safety and quality of your water are our top priority.

Aerial view of a church amidst autumn foliage in Amherst AM

Amherst MA Home Water Treatment Services

Are you concerned about the quality of water flowing from your taps in Amherst, MA? Do you want to ensure that every drop is as clean and safe as it can possibly be for your family? You’re not alone. Call SafeWell for peace of mind.

Aerial view of university campus with trees in Braintree, MA

Braintree MA Home Water Treatment Systems

Whether you’re a new homeowner looking to install your first filtration system or you’re keen on upgrading your current setup, SafeWell is your trusted partner in ensuring that every sip and every splash enhances your family’s health and well-being.

Aerial view of historic church in Salem MA near waterfront.

Home Water Treatment Services in Salem Massachuetts

Whether you’re battling hard water woes or concerned about contaminants lurking in your tap in Salem, MA, SafeWell’s bespoke testing and treatment solutions promise to transform your water worries into a wellspring of peace of mind.

Aerial view of New Bedford, Massachusetts

New Bedford MA Home Water Treatment & Testing

Welcome to the hidden gem of New Bedford, MA – the world of SafeWell, where your water purity and safety are our topmost priority. Imagine turning on your faucet and being greeted by crystal clear water, knowing every drop is free from contaminants and impurities.

Aerial view of historical riverside town of Fall River, MA in autumn.

Fall River MA Home Water Quality Testing & Treatment Systems

Our experienced technicians are dedicated to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Read on to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving the best possible water quality for your residence in Fall River.

Aerial view of a historic domed building near water in Providence, Rhode Island

Home Well Water Services in Providence, Rhode Island

With specialized knowledge of Providence’s water quality challenges, SafeWell is dedicated to delivering solutions that not only enhance the purity of your water but also contribute to the sustainability of our precious water resources.

Aerial view of coastal historic cathedral in Newport, Rhode Island

Newport RI Home Water Treatment Services

As a resident of Newport, RI, investing in the right home water treatment service can significantly enhance your quality of life. Let’s explore the options available to you so that you can make an informed decision for your household’s water needs.

Aerial view of Warwick, Rhode Island

Warwick RI Home Water Testing & Treatment Services

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our service – from initial water quality testing to the installation and maintenance of advanced treatment systems. Whether you’re concerned about the taste, odor, or safety of your water, we can help!

Aerial view of Manchester, New Hampshire

Home Water Treatment Services in Manchester, New Hampshire

Welcome to SafeWell, your trusted partner for ensuring the purity and safety of your home’s water supply in Manchester, New Hampshire. As experts in water treatment systems, we understand the importance of clean water for your family’s health and wellbeing.

Aerial view of Concord NH

Concord NH Home Water Quality & Treatment Systems

We provide a range of services from reverse osmosis systems to well water testing and custom treatment options. Our goal is to empower Concord residents with the knowledge & systems to maintain the highest standard of water quality in their homes.