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Is The Water Safe? Is There Enough?

Whether the home has public water or a private well, SafeWell’s comprehensive water quality analysis will identify any issues that should be remedied before you move in.

For homes with private wells, we’ll do a complete well inspection and performance test to ensure the system is functioning properly and able to provide enough water to meet your family’s needs.

Once you move in, our TotalCare Program will ensure your family’s drinking water remains healthy year after year. With TotalCare, you’ll also establish a record of consistent water quality over the years, a valuable asset should you decide to sell your home.

Avoid post-closing “surprises.”

There’s nothing worse than discovering water quality problems after you move in. These problems can cost thousands of dollars to resolve. A comprehensive report from SafeWell can be used to negotiate with the seller before you close.

Learn how your system works.

If there’s a treatment system or a private well, we’ll explain how it works and how to keep it functioning properly so your water remains healthy for years to come.

Peace of mind.

You’ll know that the water in your new home will be the healthiest possible from the day you move in.

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Learn more about our services and our comprehensive TotalCare Program for maintaining healthy water year after year.


Comprehensive Water Quality Testing


Interpreting the Data, Defining the Health Risks


If It's In Your Water, We Can Fix It


Servicing All Treatment Systems and Private Wells


Identifying New Issues, Because Water Is Not Static.

Protect your family from harmful contaminants year after year with SafeWell TotalCare.

This 5-step continuum monitors your water for changes through regular testing and analysis to keep your water healthy for life.

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If you want to protect your family from harmful contaminants year after year, our TotalCare program is for you.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“SafeWell has been a wonderful company to work with during this stressful time of buying our first home! Dan was very knowledgeable when he inspected the well with my husband and now Jason has been very responsive and informative in going over our results! We will trust SafeWell for all of our needs over the coming years because they are genuine people who really care about the quality of our water! They’re reassuring and easy to talk to and really have made us feel comfortable every step of the way so far!”

Kristyn Magwire