Property Managers

PFAS and whole house water filtrations system


Residential water quality testing, treatment and maintenance is crucial to ensure your tenants and guests have access to safe and healthy drinking water.

When your property has a private well which serves two or more units, local health regulations may require periodic water quality monitoring and reporting. And if health risks or home impacts are discovered, you’ll need to address them, not only to protect your tenants, but also to meet regulatory requirements.

SafeWell is uniquely qualified to help Property Managers and Landlords in managing testing and reporting requirements, as well as designing treatment solutions that meet the specific needs of any particular location. Plus, since you may not be onsite regularly, SafeWell TotalCare can perform scheduled treatment system maintenance, as well as deliver salt or other materials as needed.

Health and Home Scan

Baseline Testing/Treatment Design

25 Analytes

Essential Scan

Annual Water Quality Monitoring

17 Analytes

Initial Testing and Monitoring
Treatment Solutions

Maintenance Programs

Monthly Service

Opt for monthly maintenance checks if your water filter system is working overtime. This is advised for large families and businesses.

Quarterly Service

Every three months preventive maintenance is another option that a professional might recommend, depending on your water consumption and other factors.

Annual Service

A preventative maintenance schedule can be flexibly created and scheduled according to one’s preference and as advised.

Annual Testing Service

A yearly water testing is the best course of action. However, it can be sooner than this, especially if you suspect contaminants.

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What They Say About Our Service

PFAS water testing

Lawrence Krakauer


We had a 2-stage 20-inch whole-house water filter installed. The estimator listened carefully to our objectives, and helped us determine what we needed. The installation was neatly laid out, and expertly done. The price was better than two other estimates we got. In fact, one of them was very substantially higher, yet it specified only 3/4 inch pipes instead of the 1 inch pipes SafeWell used. We are very happy with the results.