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Our passionate team of specialists ensures you have the healthiest water through our testing, analysis, filtration, maintenance, and monitoring services. We serve homeowners, buyers and sellers on public water and private wells in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

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Healthy Water Now. TotalCare for the Future.

SafeWell TotalCare monitors your water quality for changes so any new, potentially harmful issues can be fixed before they become a problem.

Healthy water for now.

We provide testing, analysis, filtration and maintenance services to remedy existing water quality issues in homes with public water and private wells.

Healthy water for life.

The quality of your water supply can change, usually without warning. The key to maintaining water quality over time is through regular testing and analysis.

If you want to protect your family from harmful contaminants year after year, our TotalCare program is for you.

Protect your family from harmful contaminants year after year with SafeWell TotalCare.

This 5-step continuum monitors your water for changes through regular testing and analysis to keep your water healthy for life.

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If you want to protect your family from harmful contaminants year after year, our TotalCare Program is for you.

We’ve Got You Covered!

Family Health

  • Worried about contaminants?
  • Wondering if a health issue might be water-related?
  • Is your neighborhood in a PFAS zone?

We’ll identify contaminants, inform you of the health risks, and install a custom treatment system to remove the contaminants and optimize the quality of your water.

If you want to protect your family from future water-related health issues, our TotalCare program is for you.

Home Health

  • Does your water taste terrible or have a bad odor?
  • Are there stains on your fixtures?
  • Is hard water wreaking havoc on your pipes?

We can fix all those problems and more.

We’ll install a custom treatment system that will remove the bad taste and odor and extend the life of your appliances, fixtures and pipes.

If you want to protect your home from future water quality problems, our Total Care program is for you.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

My ‘go-to’ choice

“I have known Jason for 3 years now and he and his staff have been amazing. They have helped my real estate clients test the quantity and quality of their well water as part of the home inspection process. A couple of years ago they checked a well in Brockton for a home buyer (I was surprised that Brockton still had folks on well water) and recently checked a well for a home buyer client in Sherborn in the middle of the winter! Jason and his staff are truly my “go to” choice whenever I have a client who has water testing needs.”

Bill Skerry

Buyer's Agent

Every step handled professionally and courteously

“As a Realtor™ I have had many opportunities to use the services of a well company, whether for testing the water quality or repairs. I cannot say enough about SafeWell! Beginning with Jason when I booked the test then with Pat that preformed the testing, every step was handled professionally and courteously. The results needed to be explained to myself, the other agent and the buyer. Jason took the time with follow up phone calls to make sure that each of us was able to ask questions and get educated on what everything meant. The time and attention we received after the test was like nothing I ever seen before! These guys are the best! I now have a new well company… thank you SafeWell.”

Christopher Rapacioli

Seller's Agent