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PFAS Release Investigations and Remediation Projects

SafeWell is involved in multiple PFAS investigation and remediation projects across Massachusetts. We work in partnership with Environmental Engineering and Consulting Firms to bring forward comprehensive solutions for PFAS remediation for private wells. We can help with:

  • Coordination and Completion of Residential Well Sampling Activities
  • Design and Installation of Treatment Solutions
  • Ongoing Sampling and Monitoring of Treatment Effectiveness
  • Ongoing Maintenance of Treatment Systems

In some areas, a PFAS release can potentially impact hundreds of private well owners. We are uniquely experienced in the complicated logistics of scheduling sampling with large numbers of homeowners, and are sensitive to the potential personal inconvenience/disruption in-home sampling can pose.

Your firm may have staff trained in sampling monitoring wells, stormwater, or surface waters, but our technicians are also familiar with the residential well equipment (pressure tanks, pressure switches, and water quality treatment systems) involved in private well systems. We have collected more than 2,000 PFAS samples in over 120 towns in Massachusetts and have installed and maintained hundreds of PFAS treatment systems.

If you are interested in receiving our “PFAS Statement of Qualifications” or if you have an active PFAS investigation, give us a call—we’d be happy to discuss our qualifications and how we can assist you and the homeowners.

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What They Say About Our Service

PFAS water testing

Lawrence Krakauer


We had a 2-stage 20-inch whole-house water filter installed. The estimator listened carefully to our objectives, and helped us determine what we needed. The installation was neatly laid out, and expertly done. The price was better than two other estimates we got. In fact, one of them was very substantially higher, yet it specified only 3/4 inch pipes instead of the 1 inch pipes SafeWell used. We are very happy with the results.