Treatment Maintenance

Maintenance for All Treatment Systems and Private Wells

SafeWell’s ongoing TotalCare service protects your family from harmful contaminants year after year by monitoring your water for changes through regular testing and analysis.
  • We alert you to current and emerging problems that could affect the safety, health and palatability of your water or cause damage to your pipes and fixtures.
  • We track changes in the groundwater, so any potential issues can be remedied before they become a health risk.
  • We can create personalized treatment/filtration plans and install solutions for any water quality issue.
  • We ensure your treatment system is well-maintained and functioning properly for life.

With SafeWell’s water quality specialists by your side, you won’t have to worry about what’s in your water.

With SafeWell’s TotalCare ongoing service you get:

SafeWell's TotalCare Program is a 5-step cotinuum designed to keep your water healthy for life

Test for bacteria, nitrates, minerals, VOCs, radon in water, and physical characteristics

Analyze for health risks that might harm your family or your home

Treat to remove contaminants and optimize water quality

Maintain the system with regular filter changes and inspections

Monitor for changes by retesting, re-analyzing, and adjusting the treatment system on a regular schedule