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The challenge with source drinking water in the Fort Myers area is that much of the water comes from shallow groundwater which is hard, and can contain sulfur, tannins and many other contaminants. SafeWell provides end to end services in the Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, San Carlos Park, Bonita Springs, and Cape Coral areas. Whether your source water is from a community water system or a private well, SafeWell can determine your contaminant levels, design your treatment system, and provide annual maintenance plus monthly salt delivery. SafeWell is your one-stop Private Well Support Team for eliminating all contaminants to produce healthy drinking water.


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PFAS water testing

Lawrence Krakauer


We had a 2-stage 20-inch whole-house water filter installed. The estimator listened carefully to our objectives, and helped us determine what we needed. The installation was neatly laid out, and expertly done. The price was better than two other estimates we got. In fact, one of them was very substantially higher, yet it specified only 3/4 inch pipes instead of the 1 inch pipes SafeWell used. We are very happy with the results.

Home Water Treatment & Well Testing Services in Southwest Florida

SafeWell is proud to serve residents that live anywhere in SWFL. This area is particularly vulnerable to water quality issues at home because of our natural limestone aquifer. Anyone using well water will need to have a custom treatment system to soften and remove unwanted contaminants that can have unwanted health consequences.

Even city water services in the area are still plagued by hard water that can leave deposits on your appliances causing extra wear and tear that shortens lifespan. The taste of drinking water is also impacted by this quality.

SafeWell will come to your house, test the water that comes out of your tap, and recommend custom treatment solutions to take care of any issues found. Even better, we can continue to maintain your system long-term to ensure that stays in proper working conditions and provides safe, clean water for your entire family.

Coastal waterfront view of Fort Myers, Florida with luxury building and marina.

Fort Myers Home Water Treatment Systems

At SafeWell, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique water needs of Fort Myers residents, ranging from state-of-the-art whole-house reverse osmosis systems to meticulous well water testing services.

Aerial view of coastal residential area in Naples, FL with marina and boats.

Well Testing & Water Treatment in Naples FL

From whole-house systems to under-the-sink installations, we have the solutions to address all your water concerns. Join us as we delve into the world of water treatment and testing in the beautiful city of Naples.

Aerial view of tropical beachfront resort with marina in Marco Island, FL

Marco Island Home Water Treatment Systems

With a focus on cutting-edge technology and personalized customer care, SafeWell is here to guide you through the complexities of home water treatment and well testing. Let’s explore the services that can transform your water quality and enhance your lifestyle.

Aerial view of waterfront residential area with canals in Bonita Springs, FL

Well Testing, Treatment & Maintenance in Bonita Springs

At SafeWell, we understand the importance of clean and safe water for your family’s health and peace of mind. In this sunny paradise, water quality plays a crucial role in maintaining the lifestyle residents love.

Aerial view of coastal residential area with docks in Estero, FL

Home Well Water Services in Estero Florida

Explore methods of water treatment, the significance of well testing, and insights into the local water sources of Estero. Whether you’re connected to the city’s water supply or relying on a private well, SafeWell helps you achieve optimal water quality for your home.

Aerial view of coastal resort with pool and palm trees in Iona, FL

Iona Florida Water Treatment Services for your House

As experts in the field, we at SafeWell are committed to providing you with comprehensive information on reverse osmosis systems, city and well water quality, and the benefits of regular well water testing for residents of Iona, Florida.

Aerial view of coastal homes with docks and clear waters in Fort Myers Beach, FL

Fort Myers Beach Home Water Treatment & Well Testing

In Fort Myers Beach, water quality concerns are taken seriously. With a range of solutions from reverse osmosis systems to customized whole house treatment setups, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of water purity directly to your taps.

Aerial view of coastal residential area with docks and boats in Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral Well Water Quality Testing & Treatment

In Cape Coral, having access to clean water is not just a luxury but a necessity. We offer custom treatment options including advanced reverse osmosis systems for both whole-house and under-sink installations, tailored to meet the unique needs of our community.

Aerial view of coastal residential area in Pine Island, FL with clear blue waters.

Pine Island Home Water Treatment Services

In Pine Island, Florida, where water quality can significantly impact health and daily living, it’s essential to understand the options available for ensuring the safety and purity of your water supply. Let SafeWell guide you to safe, clean drinking water from your tap.

Aerial view of tropical island resort with beaches and ocean in Sanibel, Florida

Sanibel Home Water Treatment & Well Testing Services

As residents of Sanibel, you understand the importance of clean water not only for drinking but also for everyday activities such as cooking, bathing, and cleaning. With our tailored approach, we at SafeWell aim to enhance your water quality.

Tropical islands of Captiva and North Captiva - aerial view with turquoise water and bungalows.

Home Water Treatment Services on Captiva and North Captiva Islands

With our years of expertise, we aim to provide comprehensive insights into the various water treatment options available, as well as the necessity of regular well water testing to maintain a healthy lifestyle in these beautiful coastal communities.

Aerial view of suburban neighborhood in Lehigh Acres, FL

Lehigh Acres Water Treatment & Well Services

Lehigh Acres, with its unique water sources and growing population, presents challenges when it comes to water quality and treatment. Whether you’re using city water or drawing from a private well, SafeWell has the expertise to assess and improve your water supply.

Aerial view of road through lush forest with palm trees in Golden Gate Estates, Florida

Golden Gate Estates Well Water Testing & Treatment

Our focus on cutting-edge technology and personalized service sets us apart. We install state-of-the-art RO systems, require thorough well water testing, or want to understand your options for city water treatment systems, SafeWell is your go-to source.

Aerial view of serpentine road along tropical islands coastline near Punta Gorda FL

Punta Gorda FL Services for Home Water Treatment & Well Testing

Understanding the local water conditions and treatment options can be overwhelming. We offer a range of services, from reverse osmosis systems to comprehensive well water testing, all tailored to suit the specific needs of Punta Gorda residents.

Aerial view of coastal residential area with docks and boats in Port Charlotte, Florida

Port Charlotte FL Home Water Treatment Systems

We specialize in providing top-notch water treatment solutions and well testing services for the residents of Port Charlotte, Florida. In an area where water quality can vary, it’s crucial to ensure that your household is supplied with clean and safe water.