Real Estate Agents:

Draw More Buyers, Higher Offers.

SafeWell’s Water Quality Report Makes Closings Easier.

Whether you’re listing a home that has public water or a private well, SafeWell’s Water Quality Report will reduce the chances of last minute issues that could delay or derail the sale.

Listing a home with a private well?
Many mortgage lending institutions and local boards of health now require a well inspection and water quantity and quality tests before the real estate transaction can be completed.

SafeWell’s water quality specialists have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to ensure a private well water system will provide enough healthy water for the entire family. We’ll even educate your buyer on how the system works and how to maintain the health and safety of their drinking water for years to come.

Attract more buyers, higher offers.

SafeWell’s Water Quality Report is a valuable asset for savvy, health-conscious buyers who are concerned about water quality.

Save time, simplify closing.

With SafeWell’s Water Quality Report in-hand for buyers to review, there’s no waiting for test results to come in, and no delays over negotiation or repairs for water system issues.

Peace of mind for your buyers.

Your buyers will rest easy knowing they’ll have enough healthy water for their entire family.

Peace of mind for you.

Your liability is reduced with SafeWell’s Water Quality Report because your buyers won’t encounter any drinking water “surprises” after closing.

Download our Guide for Real Estate Agents here.

SafeWell TotalCare Program

Our Promise: Not just safe water. Healthy water.

Learn more about our services and our comprehensive TotalCare Program for maintaining healthy water year after year.


Analyze for Health Risks



Monitor for Changes

Protect your family from harmful contaminants year after year with SafeWell TotalCare.

This 5-step continuum monitors your water for changes through regular testing and analysis to keep your water healthy for life.

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If you want to protect your family from harmful contaminants year after year, our TotalCare program is for you.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I have known Jason for 3 years now and he and his staff have been amazing. They have helped my real estate clients test the quantity and quality of their well water as part of the home inspection process. A couple of years ago they checked a well in Brockton for a home buyer (I was surprised that Brockton still had folks on well water) and recently checked a well for a home buyer client in Sherborn in the middle of the winter! Jason and his staff are truly my “go to” choice whenever I have a client who has water testing needs.”

Bill Skerry


SafeWell PFAS Well Inspection & Water Quality Testing

PFAS Well Inspection & Water Quality Testing

SafeWell Real Estate Transaction Package

Real Estate Transaction Package

Complete quantity and quality testing in one service visit.
SafeWell Well Inspection & Water Quality Testing

Well Inspection & Water Quality Testing

SafeWell Public Water Inspection & Water Quality Testing

Public Water Inspection & Water Quality Testing

White Paper: 700,000 people could be exposed to unhealthy drinking water from private wells in Massachusetts

SafeWell TotalCare Brochure

TotalCare Brochure

How to keep your water healthy for life.
SafeWell Real Estate Brochure

Real Estate Brochure

For buyers and sellers.
SafeWell Guide for Well Owners

Guide for Well Owners