Water Treatment and Filtration Systems

If It’s In Your Water,
We Can Fix It.

Armed with comprehensive water quality results, our water treatment specialists design, install and maintain advanced treatment and filtration systems to address your health risks and home impacts.

Whatever your water quality problem is, we’ve got you covered

Health Risks
Home Impacts

Treatment Approaches

Point of Entry (POE)
Also known as a “whole house system,” POE treatment is installed in the basement where the water enters your home and filters all the water used in your house. POE systems include Water Softeners, Acid Neutralizers, Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filtration, Ultraviolet (UV) Purification and specialty systems such as for arsenic or nitrate removal.
Point of Use (POU)

Usually installed under your kitchen sink and only filters at one location in the home. Options include Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Carbon Block Under-Sink filtration.

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PFAS (Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances)

These “forever chemicals” have been found nearly everywhere, move with groundwater and do not break down in the environment. Any detectable level of PFAS could have negative health effects. Click here for more information.

Radon in Water

The greatest concern related to Radon in Water is the radon that escapes to the air when you use water (showering, dishwashing, etc.). When Radon in Water is detected above 4,000 pCi/L, it is important to evaluate overall Radon exposure by testing Radon in Air in the basement (measures radon from soil gas) and an upper living level (measures the relative contribution of water to air). Click here for more information.


With a customized solution, your family’s health and the infrastructure of your home will be protected by the cleanest, healthiest water possible.