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Comprehensive Water Quality Testing

SafeWell’s comprehensive water quality testing generates a complete profile of your drinking water’s health. In homes with existing treatment systems, it may be necessary to test both raw and treated water to determine the performance of the system.

For private well owners, we provide a complete well inspection and performance testing. Read more

All samples are delivered to and processed by a state-certified lab.

Comprehensive Test

  • 60 VOCs
  • Radon in water
  • 25 contaminants, including bacteria, nitrates
  • 11 minerals, including arsenic, iron and manganese
  • Physical characteristics, such as pH, hardness, color and odor

Standard Test

  • 25 contaminants, including bacteria, nitrates
  • 14 metals, including arsenic, iron and manganese
  • Physical characteristics, such as pH, hardness, color and odor


  • EPA 537 Testing Method
  • 6 Analytes including PFBS, PFHpA, PFHxS, PFNA, PFOS and PFOA
  • Field Test Blank

For information on PFAS testing and treatment, Read more.

Additional Testing Services

  • Single contaminant test
  • Custom multiple contaminant test
  • Radon in air test (short-term 48-hours or long-term 6-9 months)
  • Well performance test (1-hour)
  • Well performance test (4-hour)
If there is a suspicion that groundwater could be contaminated by an underground fuel storage tank failure, or nearby commercial, industrial or agricultural chemical use, a comprehensive test and analysis should be run.

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Comprehensive Water Quality Testing


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Identifying New Issues, Because Water Is Not Static.

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“We had a well water test done by SafeWell and were so impressed with their knowledge, customer service, and willingness to answer any questions. They promptly came to do testing within 2 days after our call. They provided a comprehensive and detailed report with testing results for a large number of possible contaminants. Both Tommy and Jason followed up to make sure we understood everything in the report. They answered questions and took the time to discuss issues and possible solutions. It is clear that this company cares about safe drinking water and their customers! We highly recommend their services!”

Irene Zink