SafeWell technicians come to your home to collect water samples and deliver them to Independent State Certified Labs for analysis. When we receive analytical results from the lab, our scientists complete a thorough evaluation of your water quality and provide you with a comprehensive report of how your water affects your health and your home.

Health and Home Scan

Baseline Testing/Treatment Design

25 Analytes

Essential Scan

Annual Water Quality Monitoring

17 Analytes


Man-made “forever chemicals” found in many public and private wells

6 Analytes

Public Water Scan

For Homes Served by Public Water Sources

80 Analytes

Property Transfer Testing

Quantity and Quality Testing for Real Estate Transactions

Additional Testing Services

Custom Single or Multiple Contaminant Tests

Why Test Your Water?

The main goal of testing your water is to determine if it is safe and healthy to drink. Testing can also identify home impacts and provide insight to evaluate if your treatment systems are working effectively.

Family Health

We’ll identify contaminants, inform you of the health risks, and install a custom treatment system to remove the contaminants and optimize the quality of your water.

Home Impacts

We can fix all those problems and more.

We’ll install a custom treatment system that will remove the bad taste and odor and extend the life of your appliances, fixtures and pipes.