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Our Promise:
Not Just Safe Water. Healthy Water.

SafeWell grew out of the realization that most people don’t typically think much about the quality of their drinking water until it looks or smells bad, even though it has a huge impact on their family’s health.

Our analysts review the scientific research on the health impacts of contaminants in drinking water. We attend conferences that address contaminants of local concern, such as PFAS, and we seek out and install innovative solutions for removing contaminants and optimizing drinking water for health.

SafeWell is the first to offer a continuous active management program, “TotalCare,” based on the highest standards in the world for healthy water. Working with standards from the EPA and the Environmental Working Group (EWG) based out of Washington, D.C., we’ve developed an exclusive water quality rating system for continuously tracking the quality of your water.

We inform our customers about the health impacts of the contaminants in their water and empower them with custom solutions for removing contaminants and keeping their water healthy.

We monitor your water quality for life and we’re there for you with a fleet of water quality specialists 365 days/year.

Health doesn’t wait. Protect your drinking water today!

Our Team

Dan Gaffney

Dan Gaffney


Dan Gaffney is the founder of Safewell. After creating several successful companies in the legal document automation, financial information, and face recognition industries, Dan was looking for an opportunity which would blend his passions for health, the environment, and a need to give back to the community.

Working with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and other federal and state agencies, he quickly identified a gap between public water systems and the private well space. It’s Dan’s vision to revolutionize the way well owners monitor the health of their drinking water.

Dan brought his Safewell blueprint into the CleanTech Open incubator in 2015 and three months later the company had a solid business model, a great team, and, most importantly, a customer base that loves the new approach to improving the overall quality of private drinking water.

Dan has the unique ability to cross many engineering disciplines. He has become a water quality expert in his knowledge of treatment systems, well construction, and well flow rates. He has developed specialized algorithms for rating water quality based on the EPA’s Drinking Water Standards, and his team has now created a concierge well testing service to simplify the process of buying a home with a well.

In addition to his leadership at SafeWell, Dan is the current president of the Bolton Conservation Trust, and one of the key executive members overseeing the new Town Common in Bolton.

Dan has a Master of Science in Administration from Boston University with concentration in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies, and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.

Elizabeth Schoepke

Chief Knowledge Officer

Liz has a vast background in environmental consulting. Her strength lies in being able to put in place the necessary processes and procedures for the acquisition of key data sets for SafeWell as well as analyzing well water test results and the completion of reports for our customers.

She has prior experience as an Independent Environmental Management Consultant, and as a Senior Consultant with IA Consulting LLC, Arthur D. Little, LLC (Brussels, Belgium) and Arthur D. Little, Inc. (Cambridge, MA). She has a Master of Science in Environmental Management from Tufts University.

Jason Dobbs-Hyer (JDH)

Chief Customer Officer

Jason has been in the wellness field since 2009 working as a health coach, consultant and personal wellness concierge; especially as it relates to ensuring people have access to the healthiest drinking water. He is a highly energized person with a huge heart for people. He takes great pride in excelling at delivering unparalleled customer service and is a true people person. His mission in life is to help people live a life of complete wellness.

Jason is an accomplished leader with over 16 years of experience in behavioral motivation and team building. His extensive background in human relations and ability to identify problems and develop strategies and solutions serve him well in his roles at SafeWell.

Tommy DiZazzo

Solutions Manager

Tommy prides himself on doing the right thing even when no one is looking. His positive personality is infectious and rooted in his passion to increase the quality of life for everyone he meets.

Tommy is a certified Residential Radon Mitigation Provider. He cultivated his knowledge of radon while working at SWAT Environmental for 3+ years. While there, he installed radon in air, radon in water, and HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) systems.

Shannon Condit

Healthy Water Specialist

Shannon became inspired to join SafeWell’s mission to improve drinking water quality as a result of her background as an environmental engineering consultant coupled with an experience of being concerned about a relative’s well water quality.

Shannon has many years of experience helping to prevent pollutants from reaching the air, soil, and water of our environment by providing Environmental, Health, and Safety compliance support services to industrial, commercial, municipal, and educational facilities. Through this work she acquired experience with a wide variety of federal, state, and local regulatory programs in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, and Louisiana.

Shannon has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from The University of the South (Sewanee).

Paige King

TotalCare Specialist

Paige joined SafeWell after graduating from Worcester State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science.

Ever since she was a little girl, she’s been passionate about the earth and making a difference. She joined our team to make an impact protecting public health with cleaner and healthier drinking water. Her education, enthusiasm, and love for humanity serve her well as our TotalCare Specialist.

She plays a vital role in keeping a watchful eye over our family of customers to ensure they have peace of mind that their water is not only safe–but healthy!

Ryan Meuse

Field Service Manager

Ryan takes great care in educating homeowners on their private well construction, water treatment system operation, and water quality.

Ryan joined SafeWell with several years of experience as a licensed plumber as well as an extensive knowledge of well water quality and quantity factors through a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst.

Benjamin Condit

Field Service Specialist

Ben joined SafeWell after earning an Associate of Science degree from Thompkins Cortland Community College. He is proud to contribute to a team that is dedicated to protecting your drinking water quality.

Ben enjoys educating and informing homeowners while conducting well performance and water quality testing for new home purchases as well as providing ongoing water quality monitoring and maintenance services as part of our TotalCare Program.

Sean Nugent

Field Service Specialist

Sean joined the SafeWell team after earning his Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science from Roger Williams University, where he conducted research in coastal water quality for both fresh and ocean water. He also has experience investigating the impacts of PFAS in drinking water through his internship with MassDEP.

Sean’s driven by his passion to protect families most precious resource, water—and their health.

He takes a great deal of pride making sure our customers are educated and informed on all aspects of water quality and public health and enjoys being out at customer’s homes delivering 6-star testing services.

Jan Pacific

Sr. Water Treatment Specialist

Jan decided it was a good fit to align her water treatment business, formerly known as Abbey Water Treatment, with SafeWell to provide her customers the best experience and the healthiest water. Jan has been providing water treatment solutions to commercial and residential customers for the past 8+ years.

Common water quality problems that she specializes in correcting are:

  • Iron Staining
  • Hard Water
  • Low pH
  • Bacterial Contamination
  • Sediment
  • Objectionable Taste/Odor

Jack Gaffney

Treatment Technician

Jack has been a part of Safewell team since its founding and serves in a critical role in the field working alongside Jan and Ryan as a treatment technician.

He is committed to making sure our customer’s treatment systems are working effectively and efficiently to ensure healthy water is flowing in their homes through routine maintenance and validation water testing.

Jack loves people and enjoys suiting up every day knowing he’s playing a vital role in protecting the health of families.

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“We had a well water test done by SafeWell and were so impressed with their knowledge, customer service, and willingness to answer any questions. They promptly came to do testing within 2 days after our call. They provided a comprehensive and detailed report with testing results for a large number of possible contaminants. Both Tommy and Jason followed up to make sure we understood everything in the report. They answered questions and took the time to discuss issues and possible solutions. It is clear that this company cares about safe drinking water and their customers! We highly recommend their services!”

Irene Zink