Selling a Home in Harvard, MA


Last week, a homeowner selling his property in Harvard, MA reached out to us for water quality testing because he had an interested and committed buyer. The Town of Harvard requires that water testing be completed for all wells located on a property to be sold and the results submitted to the Board of Health within six months, but no less than 30 days prior to the transfer of ownership. His agent, who we assisted with water testing on many other property transactions, recommended us due to our vast knowledge of the Massachusetts Private Well Regulations and Board of Health requirements and our ability to handle the water testing process from A-Z. Below are the ways we assisted the seller, listing agent, and the buyer, and their agent, making sure the transaction went smoothly:


We’re thankful we were able to assist the seller and their agent in protecting the value of this home when it came to the water quality. They didn’t have to reduce the price of the house or issue any credits to the buyer due to the water quality or well water system. There were no surprises or delays with the closing. The buyer felt comfortable buying a home with a well and had peace of mind.

Real estate transactions have a lot of moving parts and the last thing agents need is more complications or turbulence which can delay the sale. Water impacts the health, safety and quality of life more than any other element in a home. It is essential that the water is healthy and safe to consume and of sufficient quantity to meet a family’s daily household needs.The only way to be sure the water poses no health risks and that the well will provide enough water is to have it thoroughly inspected, tested and analyzed by a water quality professional. In fact, many mortgage lending institutions and local boards of health require a well inspection and water quantity and quality tests before the real estate transaction can be completed.

Please contact us if you have any questions related to well inspections, water testing, treatment, maintenance and monitoring, and be on the lookout for another case study in the weeks ahead.

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