SafeWell TotalCare

Keeping Your Water Healthy for Life.

Our Promise: Not just safe water. Healthy water.

SafeWell’s TotalCare Program protects your family from harmful contaminants year after year by monitoring your water for changes through regular testing and analysis.

  • We alert you to current and emerging problems that could affect the safety, health and palatability of your water or cause damage to your pipes and fixtures.
  • We track changes in aquifers, so any potential issues can be remedied before they become a health risk.
  • We can create personalized filtration plans and install solutions for any water quality issue.
  • We ensure your treatment system is well-maintained and functioning properly for life.

With SafeWell’s water quality specialists by your side, you won’t have to worry about what’s in your water.

Endpoint TotalCare Water Quality Program, Bolton, MA

SafeWell’s TotalCare Program is a 5-step continuum designed to keep your water healthy for life.

  • Test for bacteria, nitrates, minerals, VOCs, radon in water, and physical characteristics
  • Analyze for health risks that might harm your family or your home
  • Treat to remove contaminants and optimize water quality
  • Maintain the system with regular filter changes and inspections
  • Monitor for changes by retesting, re-analyzing, and adjusting the treatment system on a regular schedule

With SafeWell’s TotalCare Program you get:

  • Reminders for service and maintenance
  • Drinking water of the highest quality possible straight from your water faucet
  • Dedicated, friendly, knowledgeable water quality professionals
  • Expert advice, 365 days/year
  • Custom water quality treatment plans specific to your water’s issues
  • Ongoing water quality monitoring
  • Direct access to emergency services
  • Trending and tracking of water quality
  • For private well owners, quick access to our network of expert well drillers, pump service providers and pressure tank installers

TotalCare Notifications and Reminders

Service Appointments

  • Annual Water Quality Testing
  • Annual Drinking Water Health Risk Analysis
  • Annual Water System Inspection
  • Quarterly Salt Delivery
  • Quarterly Filter Changes
  • Annual Calcite Replenishment

Periodic Treatment System Maintenance

  • Clean Brine Tank
  • Clean Radon Aeration Tank
  • Clean and Sanitize RO system


  • Quarterly Salt Reminder
  • Quarterly Filter Change Reminder
  • Changes in Water Quality
  • Water Quality Education Notices

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    Identifying New Issues, Because Water Is Not Static.

    Protect your family from harmful contaminants year after year with SafeWell TotalCare.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    “I’ve had a water quality issue since moving into my new house, I reached out to SafeWell because I heard they could provide an annual service to manage all aspects of my well water system. As a busy working professional, this was important to me. It was also important for me and my wife to know we were delivering healthy and safe water into our home—especially for our two-year old son and dog. SafeWell provided me with the peace of mind were looking for as they handled our water quality testing from A-Z. They collected the water samples and dropped them at the lab, analyzed our results, reported back to us in an easy to understand format, and provided treatment solutions to ensure our water was healthy and safe to drink. We couldn’t be happier with their convenient service and world-class customer care.”

    Geoff Bush