Elevated levels of Per- and Polyfluoroakyl Substances (PFAS) have been detected in groundwater in a number of areas in Stow, now identified as “areas of concern.” There are several other areas with outlier data points, however additional data is necessary to determine the extent of concern.

SafeWell has been testing private wells in Stow, MA, for PFAS since early 2019. We have combined our data with the data provided by MassDEP as part of their PFAS source investigation in the center of town. This information has been shared with your local Massachusetts State Representative, Kate Hogan, the Stow Board of Health, and MassDEP.

Our goal is to ensure residents are empowered with the knowledge on how to best protect their family’s health and to ensure the highest water quality.

Stow PFAS Testing Data

The following data represents combined statistics from SafeWell and MassDEP. It will be updated as more data becomes available.


What this means for you

The following are the opinions and recommendations of SafeWell Water based on aggregated data and may be modified as more data becomes available.

Old Fire Station and Center and Hale Schools areas

Definitely an area of concern, extremely high levels of PFAS have been identified in this area and MassDEP is conducting an investigation into possible sources of the contamination. It is critical that testing be continued in this area to better profile the contaminants. Homeowners within one mile of the intersection of routes 117 and 62 should seriously consider having their well water tested.

Homes north and west of the schools

We have grouped these test sites with those around the schools. Until we have additional data points we cannot definitively determine whether these contaminations are from the same source. Several sites in the northwest corner of Stow have tested positive for PFAS. Treatment systems have been installed in some of these homes.

Fire Academy area

The Massachusetts Fire Academy has tested extremely high for PFAS and the Academy is working with MassDEP on an action plan for cleaning up the site.

PFAS can build up in the environment and our bodies and can cause serious health risks. Read more

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