Private Well Inspections

Water Testing, Endpoint, Bolton, MA

Evaluating the Entire System

A private well can provide years of healthy, reliable and affordable drinking water for you and your family. However, unlike a public water system that is tested, maintained and treated for you, you, alone, are responsible for keeping your well and its infrastructure in good working order.

A SafeWell water quality specialist will look up well construction reports to determine the age of the well and identify the depth, and check local Board of Health guidelines. Then we inspect the system from A to Z and calculate the well’s available water supply.

Well Inspection

The condition of the well head (casing, well cap and electrical conduit) and surrounding area are thoroughly inspected.

Performance Test

Real-time well monitoring is used to determine:

  • Sustained flow rate
  • 2 hour peak yield
  • 4 hour sustained yield

Water Delivery and Treatment System Inspection

SafeWell will look for corrosion, pressure tank leaks, malfunctioning gauges, and stuck or failed whole-house shut-offs.

If you want to protect your family from harmful contaminants year after year, our TotalCare program is for you.

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    Protect your family from harmful contaminants year after year with SafeWell TotalCare.

    This 5-step continuum monitors your water for changes through regular testing and analysis to keep your water healthy for life.

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    “Our family has had some persistent health issues and needed to examine our well to see if water was a contributing factor. Having never owned a well before, we needed basic education on what a healthy water supply meant and the how-to’s of well maintenance. We could not consider ourselves more fortunate to have found SafeWell! They are a wonderful resource for all things having to do with water safety. Their service is superior. We were able to reach them anytime we had questions. We found their breadth of knowledge was matched equally by their passion for clean water and environmental stewardship. Working together has helped us feel confident that we can take good care of our precious water supply, which, in turn helps us take better care of our family. We would strongly recommend anyone with a well to utilize the amazing resources offered by SafeWell — a dynamic and knowledgeable team that willingly educates homeowners while meeting any particular water-related needs with the utmost degree of professionalism.”

    Louisa Thomason


    SafeWell PFAS Well Inspection & Water Quality Testing

    PFAS Well Inspection & Water Quality Testing

    SafeWell Real Estate Transaction Package

    Real Estate Transaction Package

    Complete quantity and quality testing in one service visit.
    SafeWell Well Inspection & Water Quality Testing

    Well Inspection & Water Quality Testing

    SafeWell Public Water Inspection & Water Quality Testing

    Public Water Inspection & Water Quality Testing

    White Paper: 700,000 people could be exposed to unhealthy drinking water from private wells in Massachusetts

    SafeWell TotalCare Brochure

    TotalCare Brochure

    How to keep your water healthy for life.
    SafeWell Real Estate Brochure

    Real Estate Brochure

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    SafeWell Guide for Well Owners

    Guide for Well Owners