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Our New Partners Make Water Quality Testing Easy and Reliable

Aug 25, 2022

Alpha Analytical SafeWell partner
Nashoba Analytical SafeWell partner
Pace, Safewell partner

When it comes to the health of your real estate clients’ investments, using the right labs matters. At SafeWell, we partner directly with state-certified labs throughout Massachusetts to ensure accuracy and quick turn-around times. How can this help your clients?

State Certification Ensures Quality

Many facilities offer water quality testing, but how do you know if you can trust the results? State certification is a critical piece of the puzzle. SafeWell only works with state-certified laboratories in Massachusetts so you and your clients can rest assured that their water quality test results are held to the highest standard.

We Track Every Board of Health’s Requirements

Board of Health requirements vary from town to town and are frequently updated. We customize our water quality tests to meet requirements of the Board of Health in the town where your client is buying or selling. This allows us to ensure a high level of accuracy and relevancy, as well as protect your client from potential delays if the Board of Health is not satisfied with the process or results.

Our Partner Labs

We’ve partnered directly with three state-certified laboratories for our analytical services.

Nashoba Analytical in Ayer, MA, offers state-certified drinking water analysis services, rapid turnaround, and tests including radon and VOC

Pace Labs in East Longmeadow, MA, offers a wide range of state-certified environmental testing services, including drinking water analysis and treatment validation testing

Alpha Analytical in Westborough, MA, offers state-certified PFAS testing and analysis, as well as a wide range of other environmental testing services By uniting all of these quality labs under our umbrella, real estate agents like you can have confidence in the results that your clients receive. This also gives us much more flexibility than other providers, as we provide direct access to the results, with valuable interpretation, shortly after they are received. Don’t allow test delays to compromise a sale.

Accurate Results Faster

SafeWell’s water quality tests are available in 5 to 7 days, which is great news for home sellers and real estate agents used to longer turnaround times. If you are preparing for a property transfer and need more accelerated results, we can provide priority turnaround upon request. Make sure that you specify this when scheduling the testing appointment.

Provide Your Clients with the Highest Level of Service

For water quality tests you can rely on every time, call or Email SafeWell. We’re here for all your water quality testing, inspection, and treatment needs. We are always looking for new ways to meet the needs of real estate agents and their clients, and we’d love to help provide you with better turnaround times with the same high-quality and accurate results.

Want to be sure you’re getting the most accurate test results? Call today! 888-450-9355.

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