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by NM on SafeWell
Well water quality

Until I met SafeWell, I never gave much thought to my drinking water. If it came from my faucet I figured it was ok to drink. Now I know better.

SafeWell’s testing and analysis of my water revealed a high level of nitrates, which can cause cancer. SafeWell answered all my questions about the results and health implications, quickly installed a treatment system, and explained why it's so important to test and analyze my water every year.

SafeWell’s employees truly care about the health of their customers, and it shows in everything they do. They’re friendly, their customer service is top notch, and their expertise in the quality, health risks, and treatment of drinking water goes way beyond that of other water testing and treatment companies.

by Irene on SafeWell
Well Water Testing

We had a well water test done by Safewell and were so impressed with their knowledge, customer service, and willingness to answer any questions. They promptly came to do testing within 2 days after our call. They provided a comprehensive and detailed report with testing results for a large number of possible contaminants. Both Tommy and Jason followed up to make sure we understood everything in the report. They answered questions and took the time to discuss issues and possible solutions. It is clear that this company cares about safe drinking water and their customers! We highly recommend their services!

by Brian on SafeWell

Really appreciate the quick and thorough work and response.

by Meg K on SafeWell
Well Water quality/quantity test

Very helpful. Was able to contact same day as the report was issued to talk about potential problems with water. Excellent service.

by Mark on SafeWell
Well Testing

Great customer service, very reliable and professional service. My score 10/10 👍.

by Karen on SafeWell
Water Quality Test; Radon Air Test

SafeWell was recommended by our son who is a Contractor and Realtor with Keller Williams. We have found them to be professional, prompt, and extremely knowledgeable in their explanations and advice. We have now worked with Jason and Tom. Both were extremely responsive, friendly, no pressure and able to answer questions we asked in a way that has helped us to make informed decisions regarding our well water and ensuring that our air quality is good. We have confidence in SafeWell on the important issues of water and air quality so important to maintaining good health and have also referred friends who are equally satisfied.

by A T on SafeWell
Water Quantity and Quality Test

We worked with SafeWell for water quantity and quality testing prior. Truly professional firm! It was a pleasure to work with Jason who took the time to go over the comprehensive report in detail and helped us make a very well informed decision on the property. I would highly recommend SafeWell.

by S C Buyuk on SafeWell
Maintenance and testing, and problem resolution for bacteria and high sodium

We called Safewell looking to have routine, and sorely needed work on our water filtration, and softening solution. During the course of asking for the softener to be looked at, we were encouraged to test our water for a baseline. We had this done when we moved into the house 13 years ago, but for peace of mind we tested, at the prompting of Dan, who stated by the time we were done our water would not only be safe, but taste great. In spite of my reservations concerning his bold claim of great water by the finish we bought in, and boy were we glad.

As a result of testing coliform was found to be in the water we were drinking and bathing in, as well as high levels of sodium (very high) and radon. The decision, and only real course of action, was to shock the well over 24 hours to eliminate all traces of the bacterial in our pipes and in the well.

We survived that with little inconvenience, and the softener tanks were serviced and reconfigured. After this was done things tasted pretty good, definitely better than before, but things were about to get even better. A reverse osmosis system was setup and and now our water literally tastes as if from a mountain stream.

Dan not surprised us with the news that our water was actually toxic, containing coliform, very high sodium levels, and radon. Both my daughter and I had been having gastrointestinal issues on a very regular basis, no coincidence that we were the ones drinking water and getting ill. We have gone weeks now with no issues. This has made a very large difference for overall health and wellness. We’d have never suspected the coliform being in our water and would have continued living in discomfort.

Regardless of reverse osmosis for our drinking water, I am now convinced that a well owner needs to be much more proactive with things such as maintenance of equipment and testing.

Thank you to Dan, Brian, and the entire Safewell team!!

by Hitomi on SafeWell

We had worked with a few companies but SafeWell was the only one who was able to provide the solution to the issue we were having with the hardness of the water. Everyone was professional and easy to work with. Thank you, SafeWell! Highly recommend them!

by Soni Sayana on SafeWell
Sodium in Water

After completing the comprehensive water test in our home, Jason was able to review the options to address the high levels of sodium content in the water. He laid out all the options and was not pushy in selling any particular option. He provided us with all the information so we could make the right decision to mitigate the problem. I would highly recommend SafeWell to anyone looking for water treatment solutions.

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